Residents Parking the latest..

Just a quick update on the residents parking scheme,

you can see the original comments on the residents parking along with the maps of the areas by clicking here

So far it seems from the feedback we have had that the new system is working without too many problems.  Staff and patients seem to have been able to park reasonably well. We have had one indecent that I am aware of where a parking ticket has been issued, and its worth flagging it up, parking out the front of the surgery is only allowed between the hours of 10 and 4:30 pm, its an automatic ticket if you park outside of these Times.  The free car parks around the back of the surgery are still to this day free, although they have been experiencing quite heavy usage.  I am awaiting more information from the council on the long term future of the car parks but for the moment it seems that they will remain free.

The Parking meter has been removed from the road behind the surgery, (Charles Place) and I would think that that would be reasonable grounds for  not being able to pay for the ticket, although the usual caveats apply, to this statement in that I have no evidence that then council will accept lack of payment machine as a valid reason not to get a ticket!   The most disappointing aspect to the whole saga is that I see no evidence that this process has reduced congestion on the roads  around us, or in general in Bristol. As always any feedback on the residents parking scheme will be greatly received and I will ensure that it gets channelled back to the council.

There will be further Residents parking updates as we go along!