Corona virus information

As At 08/04/21 The Natural Smile is:  OPEN and will remain open during the third National Lockdown –  and during the ‘Mutations of concern’ surge testing. 

We have assessed the the current guidance regarding the latest lockdown  and we are confident that we are able to stay open, for dental treatments hygienist visits, checkups and new patient examination.   We are seeing all patient for all treatments, although we are quite busy.


I’m coming from distance, am I still allowed to come?

For some purely cosmetic treatments, or for patients who are considered vulnerable and who’s appointments aren’t deemed  we may decide to postpone the appointment until after the lockdown, but the guidance would seem to be clear that you can travel for medical reasons but please do check your local guidance and make sure that you are allowed to come before you set off.

  If you have to self-isolate, have tested positive for Covid-19, or are waiting for a test result, we would ask you to postpone your appointment until you have spent the required number of days in isolation.


What If I Have a dental problem and am isolating?

You can look at our advice on how to deal with common dental issues at home, here

You can call us on (0117) 92 92 165  or email us in  we are still here for you!

Out of hours call (07770) 941 848 (for registered patients only)


What can I do to help oral and general health during this time?

Brush your teeth! how we have taught you over the years!

Eat the right stuff!     There is so much advice on what to eat, its utterly bewildering;  we would suggest Michael Pollen’s book Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual an excellent place to start based on the premise that you eat real food, mostly vegetables, not too much. you can get a gist for the book here. 

Local sources of organic fresh food and vegetables:

Riverford. Based in Devon with a network of growers across the country and Europe, Guy Sing-Watson is a something of an inspiration to us, as a business owner, grower and champion of environmental issues. His vegetables aren’t bad either. They have a waiting list at the moment but you can sign up here:

Lower Failand farm National trust family run tenanted farm just outside Bristol. They
normally sell to local farmers markets but during the lockdown you can call them direct on (01275) 372415

Leigh Court Farm, we used to get vegetable from Leigh Court years ago, for locally grown organic vegetables you probably can’t get a better carbon footprint in Bristol, unless you grow your own.

for advice on getting you immune system in shape you could have a read what nutrigold recommend here