The Natural Smile Special Offers!

The New Year – Spring Clean Bundle, with the Natural Smile!

Ok, so you are hopefully smack bang in the middle of your new year and new you health regimes,  but did your new routine include some TLC for your gums?  If not we may have the answer for you in the ‘Air Flosser bundle’ that we have put together!

Here is the deal,  you get:

1 x Phillips Air Flosser PRO (Our normal price £75.99)

1 x Pack of three additional heads for the Air Flosser  PRO (Our normal price £14)

1 x Bottle of  Alodent Mouthwash (Our normal price £4.49)

Total Offer Price:          £89.99

The Air Flosser has been recommended by Dr Bone for a long while now as a great oral health aid to use in conjunction with interdental brushes and standard flossing. By adding the pack of additional heads you can switch it between different family members, meaning that this deal will essentially give you enough air flossing for four people!  We aren’t responsible however for you fighting over who’s turn it is!

The Alodent Mouthwash is part of our new natural oral hygiene range which does not contain sodium laurel sulphate, you can read more about it here:

this offer will be available until stock runs out, and we expect lots of activity, so give us a call to make sure we have some left!

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