Ventilation heralds the start of the second surgery!

Its taken a long time to get here but we are finally on the verge of beginning the work on the second surgery.  That first stage is to install some form of ventilation into the room, it having no windows.  This part of the process itself has taken a long time since we have a limited space and we wanted to  make sure that the ventilation unit we used was as environmentally friendly  that we could make it within the confines of the space limitations, this means that the unit has heat recovery which reduces energy but increases the size of it.

After working through different designs and proposal we have finally got a start date for the work, its not until the very beginning of march but it is all planned in and we can begin the next phase of work, which is the dental chair and the the cabinets.

Its an exciting time for us and hopefully will enable us to be able to offer both hygienist appointments and dental appointments on the same day as well as additional treatments such as TMJ massage amongst others.

The only downside is that I loose my dark room to lie in when it all gets too much…