“Autumn leaves don’t fall, they fly. They take their time and wander on this their only chance to soar.”

So the children are back in school, nights are pulling in and soon the swallows will have left us again – it’s Autumn in the United Kingdom. 

Autumn harvest

It’s been a challenging summer for us, the easing of restrictions and corresponding high numbers of covid have meant we have had to be especially rigorous with our infection control procedures.  We would like to thank everyone attending appointments for continuing to wear masks, it’s something that we still must do in a healthcare setting to protect the most vulnerable people we treat.  

As many of you will also know Nicola caught Covid in mid-July and her recovery has taken a long time. She is almost there now but it was a good 6-7 weeks. A big thank you to the team here who kept the place going whist we were both in isolation without missing a beat.  Also a heartfelt  thank you for the lovely messages and cards that we have received it was a real lift to to Nicola during her recovery.

 If you are interested there is some useful information that comes out of the ZOE study about Covid run by Professor Tim Spector  https://covid.joinzoe.com/ .  Tim Spector also wrote the book Spoonfed which is a rather harrowing discussion on what the food industry, powerful lobbying and government inactivity amongst other things has done to the food that we eat. It’s also got lots of great advice on what to eat to feed the bacteria in your gut, something that we have been championing here for a while it’s well worth a read.  https://blackwells.co.uk/bookshop/product/Spoon-Fed-by-T-D-Spector-author/9781787332294

Some great news on our recent recruitment! We’re delighted to introduce our new trainee dental nurse Ellie; you may have already met her but if not you will see Ellie when you come in for a healthy mouth visit with Saranya, and for some treatments with Nicola and Mei-An.

We are always asking for feedback from our patients to try to improve the service we offer.  There are numerous ways in which you can do this, you can email us write to us, tell us, or you can fill in one of the comment cards on the front desk.  This is how we received some lovey feedback recently from patients about  Saranya our fabulous hygienist who has been with us since March.  The comments selected below sum up lot of the feedback and we thought we share them with you here.

Saranya was so reassuring, informative thorough and had a lovely manner, thank you team!”

“It felt like a very thorough session with the hygienist, very clear advice, friendly and helpful”

“Lovely visit, very thorough, and I felt very well taken care of”

We’re all delighted with the way she has settled in and in the coming months will be extending her hours with us.  Thank you for the feedback that you give us it really helps us improve!

As many of you will know, being a sustainable dental practice is not something that we do to tick a marketing box, it’s part of who we are.  We have started to feel that we need to have some form of independent recognition for the work that we do, and to this end we have been working through the Green Impact Programme that is run in conjunction with the Centre for Sustainable Health Care.  It’s been really interesting as expected we are already doing lots of the things that they suggest, and in some cases, we have some ideas for them to incorporate into their programme, but we have also learnt some things and different ideas as well.  We will update you on our progress!

That’s all for the moment the best of health to you all,

everyone at the Natural Smile.