“Desent is the most risky part”

I am not sure about you but for us it seems like the first half of this year has passed in a dream. So much has happened in the last year and as things start to ease from the restrictions that we have all faced, I’m reminded of the study of mountain climbing accidents in the Austrian Alps. The study showed that 75% of accidents had happened on the way down. We think we have conquered the mountain and we relax, and perhaps our mind starts to wonder. As humans we’re good at dealing with the challenge that it right in front of us, the mountain, the emergency. It’s only when things start to calm down that the reality of what we have been through catches up with us.

So remember to take the time to process what we have been through, it’s unprecedented and may take a while to understand. As we get a taste of what we used to call ‘normal life’ don’t be surprised to find that now is the time when the enormity of the pandemic catches up with us. As the climbers in the Austrian alps found, it’s normal to fall off after you have dealt with the worst the mountain has to offer. With this in mind we re-evaluate our priorities, reset our direction, and take cautious steps forward!


Dr Ben Atkins Filming with Nicola

We have been really busy filming recently. Nicola has been involved in an exciting project with the president of the Oral Health Society, talking positively about the benefits of dentistry. It’s part of a large industry wide initiative and we’re delighted to be one of the very few invited to participate and talk about our approach to dentistry, the materials we use, and the way in which we use them. You can see sneak peek here: The Natural Smile & Dr Ben Atkins

We’ve also started work on a series of video instructions and information so that you can have thepleasure of us telling you how to brush your teeth in the comfort of your own home! We’re only infirst stages but look out in future updates!

A note of caution on ‘direct to consumer’ teeth whitening and teeth straightening’ offers

It was only a matter of time before this type of treatment was offered, where you take your own impressions and then send them off to a remote dentist. We think it will also be just a matter oftime before we start to see serious problems that will arise directly from this treatment.

As you might have gathered, we’re not fans because we believe that these types of treatments should always be undertaken by skilled professionals, and most importantly as part of a treatment plan that has been specifically tailored to your own personal needs. If you arethinking of aligners to straighten your teeth, or whitening why don’t you have a chat with us and we can talk you though the pros and cons, for your own personal situation. Nicola is also undertaking a more advanced aligner course at the moment, and we will soon be adding this tothe range of treatments we have available to keep you healthy.

You can read what the dental regulator has to say about direct to consumer dentistry here:

That is it for this update and we hope that you enjoy coming safely down the mountain!
Everyone at the Natural Smile dental practice.