Our Endless Numbered Days

All About Imogen

Imogen has begun her journey with us She has quickly learned the ropes and her time spent with Saranya has been very worthwhile. Saranya is now fully underway with her new role as a dentist and is enjoying her new job very much

Imogen is a qualified dental therapist, this means that she can undertake some of the work that dentists can do. You can think of her role as somewhere between what Saranya did and Nicola and Mei- An do.

She will also be seeing all our younger patients. So because of this we will no longer be calling visits to see Imogen Hygienist appointments, they will be Dental therapy appointments which may be gum health and hygiene or may be part of the wider role that Imogen has.

Imogen’s Mum, (from Trinidad and Tobago) met her Dad, (British) when they had enrolled on the same nursing course in London! As a child she loved music, playing the piano, piccolo, violin, flute guitar and the alto recorder. She enjoys painting, walking her dog, Bailey and – (perhaps the main reason why we employed her) – baking cakes.

The feedback we have had so far has been nothing short of amazing, even patients who have been with us for a long time are saying how gentle and thorough she is.

Bristol clean air zone

From Monday the 28th November the new clean air zone starts in Bristol. The Natural Smile is located within the clean air zone, and this means that depending on your car you may need to pay a fee to come into the zone. This document is a full overview of what is happening and why

click to download

You can check the full clean air map here

You can check if you car will cost or not here

Autumn and winter bugs

We are expecting a tricky time with colds flue and Corona virus this Winter. Our main advice to help you avoid these bugs remains the same: Good nutrition, good sleep, drink plenty of water and try to reduce the stress where you can. We also have a range of high quality immune boosters made by Cytoplan in the practice which help support these essential basics . They are currently on offer so now would be an excellent time to try them. If you have a cold or flu and are wondering whether or not to come in the advice is to call us (with as much notice as you can please- at least 48 hours) and check. We will then advise you of the best course of action. If your treatment is urgent we can still see you with colds and flu, we just need to take extra saftey measures.

Thank you Trudi

This is just a quick note to say thank you to the unsung hero of our team. The glue that holds us all together, and the calm and steady hand that guides us through the storm. We would be half the team without you 🙂