Sad farewells and new beginnings

How lucky I am to have have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. – Winnie the Pooh

As the last of the winter storms blow the winter clouds from the sky, we look forward to the spring and summer and the hope of the new. The winter isn’t the only thing that is leaving us – Laura our amazing front of house who joined us in the thick of the pandemic has hung up her appointment book and has headed off for pastures new. We are really sad to see her go, but of course wish her well for the future. She isn’t exactly sure what she will be doing yet, but whatever it is we’re sure she will be a success at it.

And stepping brilliantly into the breach is our new front of house Zoë! Zoë was born here in the UK but when she was 3 moved to The Eastern Cape, South Africa. She spent her childhood there growing up on a farm with 2000 sheep and goats, but the lure of the wind and the rain was just too much and in 2006 she decided to move back to the UK.
She has worked at Riverstation and the Clifton Lido in the past and brings a mix of great customer service skills and practical ‘farm’ common sense. Here is a picture of Zoë incase you only get to see her in her mask.

And a big welcome also to Chloe. Chloe not only fulfils our new policy of only employing people who’s names rhyme, but also is a qualified dental nurse since March this year. She has worked in a couple of dental practices in Bristol and has made a great start to life with us. She enjoys, reading spending time with her loved ones, including her two beautiful bengal cats.

to the dental chair that has been with us for the last 15 years, it has assisted us in its
last filling. Unfortunately there was little time for standing on ceremony…. the engineers took it outside the practice ready to put on their van for recycling, and by the time they went out again to load it on the van, it had been nicked!! So we have a brand new chair for you to use when you come in. We think the backrest looks like a pair of lips!

Green News Our waste contractors have started sending our clinical waste to an Energy from Waste plant. For every tonne of waste the plant produces enough electricity to power a three bedroom house for 1 year.

Applogies and thank you It has been a very challenging four months with team members having to isolate with Covid, and sickness bugs. We have had to cancel more appointments than we can ever remember having to do in the past. If you were one of these, we’re really sorry it’s not
something we do lightly, and it’s not the kind of service we want to offer. As a team we would like to thank you for the understanding that you have shown when we have had to do this. Hopefully we are now past the worst and able to continue with our best foot

Thats it for now, good health to you all